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Mr. Steam – Tile & Grout Cleaning Service, in Sarasota, Fort Myers, Venice, & Cape Coral, FL

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Mr. Steam – Tile and Grout Cleaning Services, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, & Sarasota, FL

Tile and Grout Cleaning

It can be a real challenge for the homeowners to keep the tiles of the floor in the best condition at all times. Mopping doesn’t do the job. Find out why!

Grout Recoloring

After getting our grout restoration services, you can get amazing results with ease. We not only recolor grout but we also restore it making it as good as new!

Grout Resealing

If you have cracked, broken, empty gaps within your grout we can help seal those imprerfections with ease! That’s what we do, we only use premium quality sealant which lasts longer and keeps your tile spacing looking fresh.



We are a dedicated group of professional  tile & grout cleaners with extensive experience and a wide set of cleaning skills under our belt. Mr Steam – Tile & Grout Cleaning service in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Sarasota, FL;  is a team of highly trained professionals who are in the business of keeping your tile and grout clean, polished and shiny, making it look brand new all over again in no time.

With our state of the art steam cleaning equipment, we promise to give your tile and grout the best look in the south west Florida area. We are specialists in thick and thin grout scrubbing, filling, sealing and cleaning services. Bacteria in Grout are well known to be a serious problem for house or building owners, but with our deep expertise and extensive experience in this field we will ensure that those irritable grouts which have accumulated dirt over time and grown thick with dirt, stains, grease, oil and other dirt particles are scrubbed clean and your tile is left polished and shiny. We offer intensive tile and grout cleaning, restoration, recoloring and sealing.  

Client Testimonials

I didn’t want to tear out our current flooring but they looked terrible. Peter Saved me alot of money!

Jim Truus

If I knew I would get such great results I would have called earlier! Thank you, Mr.Steam Grout Cleaning!

Lorena Howell

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such a difference! Peter even sealed some cracks for us!

Dominic Andrews

It was nice coming to our new clean floors! The grout looked so much brighter! I will definately recommend Mr. Steam!

Emily Page

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